How DryDock Works

Your new DryDock will be custom built to the specifications of your boat. Generally speaking, DryDocks are size specific in increments of 2,500 pounds. If your boat weighs 10,500 pounds, we would build a lift with a capacity of 12,500 pounds. Should you ever change your boat, the DryDock can be adjusted to accommodate the new vessel, provided she remains in the same weight class.

Upon delivery, your DryDock will be secured to your dock location using high-quality spring lines. The lines will ensure minimal lateral movement of your DryDock, but allow sufficient vertical motion of the lift to allow it to properly submerge for loading and launching. Because we secure your lift with lines instead of fixed attachments, DryDock lifts are great options for communities and marinas with restrictions on “permanently affixed” lifting structures.

When the lift is lowered, the entire lift will be submerged just under the surface of the water. Depending on the specifics of your vessel, we may have the bow-end of the lift angled up slightly to catch your keel. As you slowly drive onto the lift, the primary lifting tanks will center and guide your boat to ensure safe and consistent loading. When close to the right location, you will secure the pre-measured stern lines to your boat and back into them to make everything tight and to put your boat in the best fore-and-aft position on the lift.

Upon disembarking, which is easy because your boat is right up next to your dock just as she would be if there was no DryDock under her, you will open the valves on the control box and turn the blowers on. A high volume blower system, one for each primary tank, will quickly fill the tanks and evacuate the water through the submerged stern exhaust. The boat will raise bow first. The lifting cycle is relatively short, lifting about 10,000 pounds in about a minute and a half. Once the boat is lifted, simply close the valves and shut the blowers down. Because the lift is a closed-loop system, your boat will remain high and dry until you’re ready to go boating.

When you are ready to launch, simply open the valves on the control box and the primary tanks will exhaust themselves. The boat will lower stern first into the water. Like lifting, the launch cycle is fairly quick, taking only a couple of minutes to launch a 10,000 pound boat. When the lift is submerged, you can step directly from the dock to the boat, release the stern lines and store them on the mounting hooks on the lift that remain above water, and back your boat out. The lift will remain just under the water’s surface in the perfect receiving position for when you return from your day on the water.

And because each lift is made to your particular parameters, we can design attachments for floating walkways, access bridges (for lifts that are not side attached to structure), swing outs for “parallel parking” applications…you name it! Our job is to offer customized docking and lift solutions. And no one does it better.

Contact us today to learn how DryDock can work for you.