Our Product

DryDock lifts are simple designs that provide sophisticated results. We build each lift one-at-a-time using military grade extruded polyethylene that is welded together with a specialized process that results in a nearly indestructible structure.

Our primary lifting tubes have wall thicknesses of nearly an inch and a half, ensuring that even with an accidental prop strike, the offending propeller will suffer more damage than our lifts will. (The US Navy utilize similar structures as floating barriers around sensitive assets while in port. During testing, they drove full-sized remote controlled go-fast test boats into the barriers. The remote controlled boats were reduced to splinters while the barriers maintained their integrity.)

A DryDock lift has no moving parts so there’s virtually nothing to maintain. It is made using an inert material, so there is no need for zincs. On the entire lift, there are only two pieces of stainless steel, each smaller than your fist, and the only time they get wet is when the lift is in the lowered position, so this lift will never rust. DryDock lifts are secured to your dock or marina slip with ropes, so there are no hard and fast connections. And when lowered in the boarding position, your boat sits right next to your dock like it would if there was no lift there at all, so there’s no death-defying leap of faith to board your boat.

Our lifts are custom built to the specifications of your vessel, with some adjustability built in to fit similar shaped vessels in the future, should your boat needs ever change. By design, we lift the lowest part of your boat — be it an inboard prop and driveshaft, a hull skeg, or the keel — at least six inches out of the water. This nominal above-water height also ensures that no matter the tide level, you will not have to endure a long lifting and lowering process. And when lowered, the lift is always at the right level for loading, no matter what the tide is doing. There are no height adjustments or remote controls necessary.

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