Customer Feedback

“You went out of your way to insure shipment made the port before holiday closings. We look forward to working with you guys again in 2009.”

— M.M., Dominican Republic

“…your attitude and work ethic will be your guarantee to a successful future.”

— E.H., Charleston, SC

“Your attention to customer satisfaction is why I am your most vocal salesman on the lakes around here.”

— B.O., Charlotte, NC

“I’ve enjoyed using my neighbor’s Boat Float for a year. But now that he’s retired and will be spending more time down here, it’s time I got my own.”

— J.B., Edisto Island, SC

“My flat bottom boat is seeing a lot more use now that I’ve got my Boat Float. Forget trailering and bottom painting; now I just hop in and go.”

— D.M., Bluffton, SC

“Ya’ll need to come back over today. My nieghbor just saw my new Boat Float and said he just had to get one for himself.”

— B.B., Okatie, SC

“Twice I’ve almost broken my ankle by stepping through the voids and over cables on my (competitor’s name omitted) dock. I like the simplicity of the Boat Float approach.”

— J.L., St. Simon’s Island, GA

“We’ve replaced our wooden docks, on average, every 18 months. It occurred to us that in the 16 years of owning a Jetfloat dock, we’ve never had to replace it or repair it. We’re thrilled with the durability of our new Jetfloat buffer dock…we just wish we had thought of it sooner!”

— M.W., Hilton Head Island, SC

“This thing is a no-brainer for boat owners. It pays for itself in just a few years.”

— D.V., Port Orange, FL

“You’ll get good press from me.”

— R.C., Bennetts Point, SC

“Just wanted you to know how much we’re enjoying our Boat Float. Our neighbor will be contacting you soon for his own!”

— B.W., St. Helena Island, SC

“Thank you for the quality work and attention to detail. Your company is a credit to the industry.”

— W.B., Tampa, FL

“The best money I have ever spent for my Whaler.”

— G.G., Savannah, GA

“It’s rare to find the customer service I received from you.”

— K.F., Midway, GA